Billy Graham was one of the most influential Christian figures of the last two centuries; he may also yet be seen to have been one of the most influential of all time. He preached in person to more than 200 million people and 100’s of millions more through TV, radio and film. “Hear My Heart” is a compilation of articles that cover his ministry from 1955 to 2014 and reveals many of the key convictions that he lived by.

An early decision to accept, ultimately by faith, the full inspiration and authority of the Bible became a key element in the clarity of his message. He never lost his custom of daily Bible study and reflection and his desire to live by its principles.

A powerful evangelist, he says here, “The various shades of universalism prevalent throughout the church have done more to blunt evangelism and take the heart out of the missionary movement than anything else.” In these articles, Billy Graham explains his personal approach to dealing with people from different cultures and beliefs. He became ‘chaplain to the White House’ and a confidant of every U.S. president from Harry Truman to George W. Bush; he became known as America’s pastor and was also warmly received by many world leaders of varied beliefs.

This book includes tributes from family, friends and fellow ministers and finishes with a touching ‘afterword’ by Rick Warren about Graham’s special influence on his life.

As one who heard him preach memorably at Keswick Centenary in 1975, and was struck by the clarity of his research and thought in his book on “Angels”, and by the thoroughness of study in his book on “The Holy Spirit”, I can recommend this book too. The range of gems it contains make it an enriching, worthwhile and thought-provoking read by a truly great man of integrity and humility.

Reviewed by Gilbert McKinnon

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