You can reserve a hot desk, or the small conference room online now using the booking form below. Please read on to get started. If you experience problems while trying to reserve a desk, please contact us.
General information about booking a hot desk
  • You can book a hot desk or the private small conference room for a morning (9am-1pm), afternoon (1pm-5pm) or full day (9am-5pm) slot.
  • To make multiple bookings or recurring bookings, refresh the page after making each booking – this will reset the form to allow you to start making your next booking.
  • The small conference room can be booked for private meetings for up to 4 people or used as a private office.
  • Greyed out days on the calender indicate that you cannot make a booking on that day.
  • Days highlighted in red on the calendar mean that all booking slots for that day have been booked.
  • You will receive an automated confirmation email for each booking you make.
  • The easiest way to let us know you would like to cancel your booking is to reply using the original automated confirmation email you received.
Cancelling bookings
To cancel any bookings you have made, you will need to contact us either:
  • by replying to the original confirmation email you received for the booking(s)
  • by using the online form here with the details of the booking(s) you wish to cancel
  • by emailing us directly with the details of the booking(s) you wish to cancel
Full step-by-step instructions for making a booking
To make a booking follow these steps: 1. First choose which time-period slot you would like to book from the drop-down list labelled ‘Reserve a hot desk for’:
  • Morning (9am-1pm)
  • Afternoon (1pm-5pm)
  • Full Day (9am-5pm)
Note that until you make a selection from one of the above three options, you will not be able to continue with the booking.
2. Next, choose from the drop-down list, the desk number you would like – or the private 4-man conference / meeting room
3. Using the calendar which will now have been activated, navigate to the day that you would like to make the booking and click on it. This will cause an additional row to appear with a button showing the start time of the time-period slot you selected in step 1 (either 9:00am for a morning or full day slot or 1:00pm for an afternoon slot). If the button is greyed out and not clickable, then the slot is unavailable. Note that days highlighted in red mean that the selected time-period is already booked, and you’ll need to go back to step two and choose another desk. The system will automatically update to show if the time slot is available or booked already each time.
4. Once you are happy with your booking choices, click on the button showing the start of your chosen time-slot. It will turn green, and activate the rest of the form.
5. Be sure to fill in all the required fields (marked with a ‘*’) under ‘Personal Information’ and any additional details on the form that you need to let us know.
6. Double-check you are happy with the details shown on the ‘Booking Overview’ summary.
7. Be sure to tick the data processing requirement check box. You can see our Data Protection Policy here. We cannot proceed with the booking unless you do, because we can’t process the information you submit on the form or contact you about the booking, unless you give us consent to do so.
8. Click the ‘Submit’ button. After a few moments, a thank you message should display, and you should also receive an email to confirm your booking soon after.
If you wish to make multiple bookings or recurring bookings, simply refresh the page and start making your next booking.

Fill in the form below to book your hot desk today:

View the room and desk layout with desk numbers
The image below shows the layout of the 6 desks in the room.