Can you write a mini book review for us?

As part of the #indiebookshopweek we gathered some mini book reviews for some key titles. These are real reviews by customers to our shop.
We got thinking and we think these could be really helpful to others, so we would like to gather lots more! If you have read a good, challenging or encouraging Christian book (aside from the Bible, which stands apart), we’d love you to share it with us, so we can, in turn, share and encourage others.
Here’s an example of a mini recommended read from one of our customers:
“‘The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry’ by John Mark Commer – Plagued by over busy-ness in my life, this book was just what I needed. It’s challenging but it’s one I’m determined to take on.”
Reviews can be as short as the above, or up to a few hundred words for more insight. You can email reviews to us at, or write them down and pop in to the shop. A review might encourage someone to read a book that could end up changing their life for the better. Please remember to include the title and author of the book you’re reviewing, and your first name only as the reviewer*.
We will display reviews in the shop, and possibly use them in social media posts and on our website.
We look forward to reading your positive reviews, and pray that they will encourage others and help make choosing a particular book to read next from the wealth of titles available just that little bit easier.
*No need to use a posh antique ink pen to write your review – reviews jotted down with standard ballpoint pens or pencils, email, on the back of an envelope etc will also be accepted!! 🤣