About Us

LivingStones is a Charitable Company funded by gifts and through sales of products in the shop and through this website.

The Charity is administered by Trustees who are also directors of the charity for the purposes of the Companies Act 2006.

Registered Company Number
04202300 (England and Wales)

Registered Charity Number

Registered Office
277 Fleet Road
GU51 3BT

Mr. N C Stevenson
Mr. T Budd
Mr. T Bateman
Mrs. E Mabin
Mrs. S. Luff
Mr. M Mabin (Chair)

Company Secretary
Mrs. M J Fairbairn



The objectives of the charity are:

  • (a) the advancement of the Christian faith;
  • (b) to be a resource for individuals and churches in the area by:-
    a. the sale of  such books, CDs, cassettes, gifts and other products which comply with (a) above;
    b. supplying material that will assist with Christian education;
    c. serving the community by providing a place of care and support



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