LivingStones is a Charity established to show God’s love and to provide useful faith building resources into the hands of believers and non-believers alike.

Our aim is to make all of the resources of LivingStones Christian Centre available to all who want to us it, without putting financial barriers in their way. However we do have ongoing fixed costs that need to be met in order to keep the centre open (heat, light, power, rates, internet and telephone, admin staff, etc). Our vision is that all of these costs can be met by giving so that we don’t have to levy charges for the use of our facilities.

We encourage all our Friends to consider giving a regular monthly or annual gift. Regular giving is most helpful to us because it means we can plan.

We also encourage local businesses and community groups to consider sponsoring some of our facilities so that facilities can be kept free to use by those who need them.

If you feel passionate about helping local Christian business people get out of their front room and into a supporting community of other Christian businesses, you may consider sponsoring a desk. £20 a month will provide a desk one day a week for young entrepreneur who otherwise wouldn’t get to meet other professionals who can help one another.

Or if you felt that a youth café would be a real asset to the youngsters in Fleet, you could consider sponsoring a weekly event to provide snacks and/or special equipment. £20 a week would go a long way to making that happen.

Whatever you felt led to give will be a blessing and you will be doing your bit to keep LivingStones doing what you want it to be doing on your High Street.