We are delighted that we can now offer you a massive range of both Christian and non-Christian books online. We’ve teamed up with Bookshop.org which means we can now bring to you many more books via an online portal. This is designed to be an additional service aside from our fantastic stock of books and resources available today in the resource centre on the high street! We’ve put together this page to introduce the service, and let you know the benefits of purchasing from LivingStones via Bookshop.org.

Thank you for your interest in supporting us via Bookshop.org.


Ready to start shopping?

The easiest way to ensure you are supporting LivingStones is to visit:


…. and bookmark the page. Then, every time you need to order secular or Christian books, use the bookmark in your browser to go straight to our special shopfront on bookshop.org. So long as our logo are appearing at the top of the page, you’re supporting us when you purchase.


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What is Bookshop.org and why are we using them?

Bookshop.org is a not-for-profit website that has been set up to support independent bookshops in the UK. They offer all types of books including a vast range of Christian books as well as non-Christian books.

The good news!

It would be impossible for us to hold and display the vast amount of Christian books that are available! So, in line with our core aims and vision, Bookshop.org enables us to offer you an online service that massively extends the range of books that we can offer to help you find many, many more of the best Christian books available – in addition to anything we have in stock at the LivingStones resource shop. You might have arrived here from one of our themed website blog posts, or clicked on a link in text. Purchasing from Bookshop.org via LivingStones will help you to keep our work going, and also helps all participating independent bookshops – including any Christian bookshops participating – because when you buy via the affiliate links on Bookshop.org, participating independent bookshops receive a share of an overall earnings pool that is regularly, evenly divided and distributed to many independent bookshops.

Bookshop.org also gives us the opportunity to offer you the best of non-Christian books as well, and if you choose to purchase non-Christian books via the affiliate links, then we also benefit from receiving the same percentage from the book sale as the Christian books.

Disclosure: How shopping through Bookshop.org benefits us (and others)

When you make a purchase through Bookshop.org via LivingStones, we receive a good percentage of your purchase which is a little less than we would make if you purchased directly with us in the shop. You can order online secure in the knowledge that you’re supporting us nearly as much as you would if you were able to come into LivingStones and purchase directly (though we don’t want that to stop you from visiting the centre in person as we also stock cards, gifts and other items!).

A note about ordering and fulfilment of books from Bookshop.org

Just for clarity because Bookshop.org isn’t actually our website, we won’t be dealing with your order at the LivingStones shop at all – that’s done by one of the UK’s major book wholesalers on behalf of the Bookshop.org website. That does mean that if you have a query about an order or delivery you will need to contact Bookshop.org directly using the channels and contact information that they provide as we don’t have access to either your order or delivery information. We also will not be able to deal with damaged items or returns because they weren’t purchased from us, even though your order does help support us via the affiliate payment we receive from Bookshop.org.

A note about Bookshop.org terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for using Bookshop.org – including information about returns etc – is available here. Privacy and cookie information for the Bookshop.org can be found here.

A note about searching on Bookshop.org

Any search results will include Christian and non-Christian books. We have no control over the search results or filtering on Bookshop.org. Please use your discernment when using the website.

And finally… Thank you!

Thank you for supporting Livingstones Christian Centre via our online shop on Bookshop.org

We really hope you enjoy using Bookshop.org but we also do hope to see you in person in the shop soon. If you can’t find what you are looking for on Bookshop.org then contact us at the shop as we may still be able to order it for you.