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Become a Supporter

We would like to take this opportunity to ask if you would prayerfully consider becoming a Supporter of LivingStones Christian Centre and help support the directors and staff in achieving our aim “to be God’s Light on the High Street, and to serve as a resource centre for Christians, individuals and churches in Fleet, Hampshire”.


We need your help!

LivingStones will be undergoing major refurbishments between January 8th and February 12th 2018. In preparation for these works commencing there are several key activities that we are looking for help to achieve.

  1. We have to pack up all stock from our shop. Stock then needs to be stored somewhere dry and secure until February 12th.
  2. We have to remove all rubbish from three floors of LivingStones. Rubbish needs to be removed and taken to local municipal tips.
  3. We have to remove and dispose of all unwanted furniture. Much of our existing furniture may need to be disposed of or given away. Help is required in transporting this from the centre.
  4. We have to remove and store until February 12th any items that will ultimately be returned to the centre (paperwork, kitchen ware etc.)

All of this work needs to be carried out between December 11th and January 7th 2018 so we are particularly looking for people able to offer:

  • Physical help in removing items & taking them to the tip.
  • Use of vans or large boot-space cars.
  • A corner of a garage or weatherproof shed in which items can be stored till Feb 12th.
  • Over 95% of the costs associated with the centre renovation have already been met by generous giving, but we are looking for a further £8,000 to allow us to purchase all the final furnishings in the centre.

If you would like to help us in one of the above ways, please click below and complete the online form.

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